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Adorned with a celebrated panel of jury members, the 12th edition of the WoW Awards Asia for the year 2020 was held online on the 14th of August 2020. With its instigation 12 years ago, WoW Awards has been paving the way for artistes and innovative content creators worldwide, especially those with a gifted mind engaged in the live events sector, while celebrating over 100 WoW awards categories.

The year 2020 would alter the live events platform in Sri Lanka forever, with the crowning of ‘Kuweni - A Cinematic Musical Experience’ presented by Charitha Attalage as the Winner of the Gold Award for the ‘Achievement in Audio-Visual Film’ for WoW Awards Asia and has graciously co-won this award with acclaimed Oscar winner A R Rahman. The award depicts originality and creativity in Audio-Visual content played-back during a live event.

‘Kuweni - A Cinematic Musical Experience’ by Charitha Attalage was submitted for three categories, namely, ‘Achievement in Audio-Visual Film’, ‘Achievement in Audio-Visual Solution’ and ‘Achievement in Show Running/Stage Management’ for WoW Awards Asia and obtained nominations for all three categories. 


‘Kuweni’ showcased an extraordinary musical experience for music lovers throughout Sri Lanka with three housefull cinematic encounters that revolutionized the way the Sri Lankan music industry was perceived by many, on a larger, global scale. We believe this award symbolizes the absolute true form of art and creativity that honors the universal language that is music, in an attempt to exile any form of commercialization of this industry. This award represents the unwavering and unbiased belief of the celebrated members of the jury at the WoW Awards Asia having obtained this lifetime achievement, surpassing all obstacles that came our way.


In recognition of one of the highest international achievements in the Sri Lankan music industry in recent history, this award is time and time again presented to our 



beloved fans who have consistently uplifted quality music within our nation.

We would like to very humbly thank the best of the best - our team - VAEG - Visual Art and Experiences Group, Imagine Entertainment Private Limited, Universal SOUND, Hometown Music, Mithuna Gamage Photography, Sachindra Nadeeshan for their immense contribution in attaining this honorary award.

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