The Kuweni Concert presented by Charitha Attalage has emerged the Winner of the Gold Award for the ‘Achievement in Audio-Visual Film’ for WOW Awards in Asia and has graciously co-won this award with acclaimed Oscar winner A R Rahman, for the best Audio-Visual cinematic experience in Asia.


Unwavering to any political party,

Perusing the universal language that is music,

Without commercializing the form of art in any manner, and

Having faced a number of untoward occasions in this field of art,


In recognition of one of the highest international achievements in the Sri Lankan music industry in recent history, this award is time and time again presented to our beloved fans who have consistently uplifted quality music within our nation.


We would like to very humbly thank VAEG - Visual Art and Experiences Group, Imagine Entertainment Private Limited, Universal SOUND, Hometown Music, Mithuna Gamage Photography, Sachindra Nadeeshan for their immense contribution in attaining this honorary award.

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