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This song is very special to me for the most unusual reasons. Firstly and most importantly, it is worthy to mention that I don't like to hear my own performances on a song ever since the days that I started toying around with recording gear. But I love recording the sessions performed by others (or I call them memories). I used to record musical performances at parties at home with my cousins, which were my first ever recording gigs. However, that was not the case with this song. Looking back, now I suddenly recollect how Ravi convinced me to record myself. So I had to record myself.  


From a music producer's standpoint, I believe that I have managed to step out of the comfort zone and cross a few boundaries through this project. My collaboration with the genius Ravi Jay was not just through lyrical or visual media. In fact, I find this collaboration as an exchange of ideas from hip-hop music to the great Buddhist philosophy. In music making, results are usually unpredictable until the ideas are executed, but that is the whole joy of collaboration. 


Ravi Jay is a great intellect with many gifted talents. Ravi expresses the universe he sees through the palette of many creative art forms. He is a lyricist, a rapper, a visual artist, a graphic artist, an animator, a video director, a script writer.. and the list goes on. I see him as a great concept artist that plays an influential role in the Sri Lankan youth generation.



Music | Vocals | Lyrics

Charitha Attalage - Music Production & Composition | Mixing & Mastering

Ridma Weerawardena - Vocals

Dinupa Kodagoda - Vocals

Chandrasena Thalangama - Lyrics




Ravi Jay - Art Work



iajr j¾K mrod

fudav yskd wefykd
iajr y; rjgjd

Jazz .hk <| ux

Jazz jhk <| ux

lerflfjkd ukid /h irid
fkal wdi ri uu úkaod
oek oek /jgfjkd is; rjgd
r;s ieml iqj uu úkaod

l=re¿ mshdm;a isr lr,d ke;
l=re¿ mshdm;a isr flrejd uu
b.sf,kq wlue;s

Jazz .hk <| ux

wÿr u; fyõjd Ôúf; mdg mdg
. . . oefjk .;ska ñÈ,d hkakhs ´fk wE;
fjkak ud u;a wu;l fjkak
. . . oefkk ÿl bv fokak tkak i;=g
fkdn,ka ufoi fji.kl ú,i
. . . ffojfhka neg lE is; blsìÈhs
weyqko@ oekqko@ ta ÿl ud is; .hk
. . . iskduqúka fï ix.S;h ueo
tkak uf. w;.ka
. . . rd. f,djlg hx
.sks oefjk k.ak uq¨ .; ism.ka
. . . we; ñheÿkq ySk <ueo ueo tug
tkak fokak tajg mK msìfokak
. . . ld,h fohs ix.S;h fï Ôúf;

.hk fYdal ;kqj ux úh . . . úÈkakhs ´fk Ôúf; úojkak fkfukx
ug l=ugo ßhe,eáh
. . .

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